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After being introduced to the Supra line in 2017, the SR redefined what a sub-21ft boat was capable of. While incorporating the signature Supra styling and finish, the SR is able to deliver more bang for it's buck than any other boat in its class. Coming with a standard 1451kg ballast system, the SR is able to push a World Class wake and wave, all while comfortably providing enough seating for 14 people. With a deep hull design and ability to displace a ton of water, combinied with the Supra Swell 2.0 system and AutoWake, the SR creates the wave you've been dreaming of!

Come and see for yourself, exactly what a 21ft boat is capable of!

Raptor by Indmar 400 and 450

starting at $159,891 and $169,524

Built off the proven Built Ford Tough

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